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Cloth Covered $695.00


20 GA Steel casket

available in brown, blue or silver finishes with Crepe lining $995.00


Pine Casket $1,595.00


Steel Casket $2,495.00

18GA Steel $2,295.00


Hardwood Casket $2,995.00


Pine Casket $2,295.00


Cherry Casket  $4,895.00


32 ox  Copper Casket $6,795.00







Steel In Gods Care $2,295.00

Steel hidden oversize $2,195.00



Hardwood $3,495.00

18 GA Steel $2,495.00

18 GA Steel Velvet Interior $3,695.00



Florence Casket Company 



Rutland, Vermont    &   Wallingford, Vermont
These prices are effective as of October 12st 2006 and are subject to change without notice.
CREMATION CONTAINER, cardboard container with a plywood bottom (cremation use only) $ 125.00
PINE BOX, pine wood, square shape, no interior     $ 695.00
CLOTH COVERED CASKET, corrugated material with embossed, gray cloth covering,
 ivory twill interior, stationary hardware      $ 695.00
CLOTH COVERED CASKET, particleboard or wood material with embossed
gray cloth covering, ivory twill interior, oversize casket  $ 895.00
JEWISH ORTHODOX CASKET, square shape, no stain, handles or interior         $ 995.00
20 GAUGE STEEL CASKET, copper tone, blue, or silver, finishes, crepe lining,
 fixed hardware,      $ 995.00
JEWISH ORTHODOX CASKET, hardwood, no stain              $ 1,495.00
WOOD CASKET, dark stain with light crepe interior, stationary hardware       $ 1,595.00
20 GAUGE STEEL CASKET, gray finish, white rayon lining,
stationary hardware, adjustable bed.     $ 1,595.00
20 GAUGE STEEL CASKET, almond bronze or pink, pink crepe & rose panel
 interior, adjustable bed, fixed hardware      $ 1,695.00
20 GAUGE STEEL CASKET, (blue or bronze tone) finish, crepe interior,
 stationary hardware       $ 1,795.00
HARDWOOD CASKET, Crepe interior, adjustable bed, swing bar hardware       $ 1,995.00
HARDWOOD CASKET, mahogany or walnut stains, metal wrapped swing bar hardware,
 crepe lining, adjustable bed $ 2,095.00
20 GAUGE STEEL CASKET, bronze finish, crepe interior, fixed hardware, adjustable bed,
 hidden oversize        $ 2,195.00
SOLID PINE CASKET, tailored crepe interior, wood bar hardware and adjustable bed $ 2,295.00
20 GAUGE STEEL END CLOSING CASKET, blue finish, crepe “In God’s Care” interior
 fixed hardware and adjustable bed                                                                                             $ 2,295.00
18 GAUGE STEEL CASKET, Bronze finish, crepe interior, fixed hardware
with a adjustable bed        $ 2,295.00
20 GAUGE STEEL END CLOSING CASKET, blue finish, Velvet “Going Home” interior  fixed hardware and adjustable bed                                                                                             $ 2,495.00
18 GAUGE STEEL CASKET, Blue finish swing bar hardware and adjustable bed                  $ 2,495.00
SOLID HARDWOOD CASKET, dark finish, adjustable bed, swing bar hardware,
 crepe interior, hidden oversize.        $ 2,495.00
HARDWOOD CASKET, semi-dull fruitwood finish, crepe interior,
 adjustable bed, swing bar hardware.      $ 2,595.00
18 GAUGE STEEL CASKET, Green finish, swing bar hardware and adjustable bed      $ 2,695.00
SOLID OAK CASKET, crepe interior, swing bar wood hardware, adjustable bed      $ 2,695.00
SOLID HARDWOOD CASKET, cherry finish, crepe interior,
post corners, swing bar hardware, adjustable bed    $ 2,995.00
SOLID MAPLE CASKET, crepe interior with sun ray panel, wood swing bar hardware,
adjustable bed      $ 2,995.00
HARDWOOD CASKET, mahogany finish, light velvet interior, $ 3,495.00
swing bar hardware, adjustable bed
18 GAUGE STEEL END CLOSING CASKET, bronze finish, swing bar hardware
velvet interior and adjustable bed                                                                                                $ 3,695.00
STAINLESS STEEL blue brushed finish, velvet interior and adjustable bed                             $ 3,995.00
SOLID CHERRY CASKET, hand rubbed, piped panel antique cream velvet interior,
 wood swing bar hardware, adjustable bed      $ 4,895.00
SOLID MAHOGANY CASKET, hand rubbed, velvet interior, wood bar swing hardware , adjustable bed $ 5,995.00
 velvet interior, swing bar hardware and adjustable bed      $ 6,795.00
SOLID 48OZ. BRONZE END CLOSING CASKET, round end, brushed finish,
 velvet interior, gold colored swing bar hardware and, adjustable bed                                        $ 9,995.00
Disclaimer of Warranties
Our funeral home makes no representations or warranties regarding caskets or outer burial containers.
The only warranties, expressed or implied, granted in connection with goods sold with this funeral service are the express written warranties, if any, extended by the manufacturers thereof. No other warranties including the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are extended by the funeral Home.
All items listed are subject to availability and may vary in cost at a future date.



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